Learning Style Inventory

Learning Style Inventory                                              



dribbbleinfographicIt was created to determine someone preferred learning styles . You need to do your scoring inventory and the highest score of it will be your preferred learning style . Everyone has their own style of learning . If you have a high score in more than one area then you’re using additional modalities . There are 3 styles of learning :


  • Visual
    • The visual learners need to see the information that they should know . Such as watching film and demonstration . The visual learner also can see the picture in their mind when they are reading .
  • Auditory
    • The auditory learners need to hear what are they studying . They will usually catch up and remember what they hear in a lecture . Reading out loud also will be beneficial for them .
  • Kinesthetic
    • Kinesthetic learners need to be physically active and doing things . They are a hands-on learner . They learn by doing what they are learning . They need to move and be active to remember and understand a lecture . They have a good coordination .


Scoring Your Inventory


When you already know your learning style , you should be smart in planning your strategies when you are studying . You should figure out what is the best way to study and link it with your learning style inventory . If you can combine your learning style , it will strengthen your ability to  retain your information .

Here are some of the methods that I have learnt that can boost up your studying skills :

    • Visual learners prefers to do their notes by using mind maps , flow charts and diagrams using various colors . This will make them more motivated to skim through their notes when the exams are around the corner .
    • You can paste the notes around your room, as it will be easy for you to view them. Hence it will make you easy to memorize them .
    • As  the name itself , it means to listen . Therefore it will be easier if you summarize your lecture notes and then for you to read it out loud .  Auditory learners must be able to hear what is being said in order to understand as they may have difficulty with instructions that are drawn. However ,  if the writing is in a logical order it can be easier to understand . They also use their listening and repeating skills to sort through the information that is sent to them .
    • Other than that , you can also record your lectures and you listen to them wherever and whatever you are doing .
    • Kinesthetic learners are the type of person who prefer to study using their body movement. For example, using their sense of touch to cut up chart and diagrams , create flashcards and move them around with large , sweeping movement .
    • Reciting your notes when walking also helps you to remember . Not only that , by sharing the information that you have obtained will also helps .

My Personal Learning Style Plan



Based on my scoring inventory , my result shows that I am more of a visual type of learner. This means i usually learn based on the example of the exercises or from the demonstration by the lecturers . I also love to make creative visual diagrams when the lecturers are giving their lecture . But sometimes I’ll be auditory learner because when the examination is just around the corner , I prefer to hear than reading . I can memorize better if I hear the other person read the notes for me when examination week . So , I prefer study group ways on examination week .


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